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Friday, January 05, 2007,7:04 AM
Desperate Pop Stars!
"Tony Frickin and his good buddy Lauro are two horny guys with an amazing plan. They are going to hold try outs for hot young women to become the next American Popstar!

Tony fucked the fat chick from the radio station to get free radio ads to attract the chicks; Lauro barrowed a suit from his uncle, so they could look more professional. Now they are ready to start running their amazing scam on all the sexy ladies."

Desperate Hot Girl
Angel Tryout

Naughty Angelina Singer
Angelina Tryout

Anita Cock Singer
Anita Tryout

Anna Singing Dream
Anna Tryout

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Friday, December 08, 2006,7:02 AM
They Want To Be Stars!

Singing Stars Hardcore SexSinging Stars Hardcore Sex

Tony: Hi I’m Tony Frickin. Today we’re going to make a video of your big Pop Star audition for our big bosses in the USA.
Lola Sanders: My name is Lola Sanders and my whole life I’ve dreamed of visiting America as a celebrity.
Tony: Lola, I hope you can sing.
Lola: Um…not really. But I’ve been practicing my dancing.
Tony: In that case I hope you mean stripping because you’re going to have to do a lot more than sing and dance if you want to be a big star. If you turn me on I promise you’ll get it.
Lola: I can do whatever you want. I’ll let you and Lauro fuck me right now. You can fuck my ass too. I WANT TO BE A STAR!
Get Instance Access to All the Lovely Girls Wanting to Sing!

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